About Excelsior Public Safety


YOUR hometown security, investigations, and firearms training team based in Central Florida with over 30 years’ experience in the field.

We protect some of the most high-profile clients in the world with military precision and discretion.  

We provide the same level of skilled, professional patrol, security, and investigative services you would expect from any city, county, or state law enforcement agency AT ABOUT HALF THE COST.

We are proudly and substantially insured by world-class underwriters with a ZERO-CLAIM history.

We contribute to OUR local economy, own homes, pay taxes, vote, spend our money, and send our kids to school HERE IN FLORIDA.


WE ARE NOT run by the corporate raiders rapidly monopolizing the security industry or top-heavy with overpaid management executives competing for huge bonuses at our clients’ expense.

WE ARE NOT  a “multi-services” or day labor organization that provides security as a sideline.

WE DO NOT treat professional protective services as a, “McJob,” or put our officers in harm’s way for less than retail or fast-food workers make.

WE DO NOT place our clients in greater jeopardy than if they had no security at all by offering unrealistic bargain-basement pricing, then providing revolving-door, unqualified, minimum-wage employees.

WE DO NOT answer to anonymous out-of-state shareholders or engage in unscrupulous, cutthroat business tactics like price-dumping and low-ball bidding or pressure our clients to buy services they do not need in an attempt to cash in on their fears.

REAL experience + REAL training + REAL equipment = REAL security.

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